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I have already caught users abusing my faucet. I enjoy paying out 1 doge each hour, and I can only assume everyone else using the faucet feels the same. No other faucet pays out as well as this one does. I can't continue to lose as much as I am and not be credited from shortlink providers because of the abusive behavior. If it continues, I will be forced to reduce the payout. I'd really hate to do that. So please understand, that just because you think you have a different IP address, that I am getting credited. I'M NOT! Shortlink providers have their own way of detecting VPNs and proxies. Your device has it's own unique data, and they know it is still the same user either way. If you have been banned, you can find a new faucet to claim from. That behavior is not welcome here and not appreciated. I know how to detect fraudulent activity. You WILL be caught at some point and you will get banned. End of story. Thank you to everyone who is not abusing my faucet. You are the reason I stay open, and you are the true MVPs here.

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